Trip dates: September 21-22, 2013

Our next trip was inspired by question of my colleague, “Have you ever been to Motor Show”? He meant one of the biggest auto fair when alternates between Frankfurt and Paris every other year.
It was in 2013, so that Motor Show took place in Frankfurt and because it was in Germany, I started to plan the trip.
Frankfurt is known as financial center with skyscrapers and I love the views from the towers and lookouts. This is probably the reason why first of all I found the observation deck at Main Tower. The platform is at a height more than 200 m with the stunning views across the city.

financial-district frankfurt

We planned the trip for a weekend. We arrived on Saturday noon, parked car at the hotel on the outskirt of the city. The entrance to the city is in fact allowed only with special green vignette and we did not have one. We used the public transport – something between train, tram and metro. In the outskirt it goes through the streets and in the center goes under ground.

Frankfurt, main tower lift
First destination was the already mentioned Main tower. This skyscraper is Germany’s fourth tallest building at 200 m high. It should most definitely be a feature of the visit. We enjoyed viewing across Frankfurt during sunny day and wonderful weather. We took a lot of photos. We saw the financial district with the other skyscrapers, the large railway station and old city center. In the distance we saw even a nuclear power station, I guess the next time it will be inactivated due to German energy strategy.


After visiting the Main tower, we went through the city center. We passed the old Opera building next to skyscraper, where we saw beautiful contrast between modern metropolis and the traditional old building. Then we looked the brand new iPhone version 5 with fingerprints reader at the Apple Store. It was a few days after the Apple event and the store was full of curious onlookers.
We got coffee and cake at Hauptwache, the old building under the skyscrapers. Hauptwache was a prison in the past and allegedly the executions took place right in front of it, where the café is now located. I do not know if it is the real story but coffee was great.

Frankfurt, Hauptwache

Then we passed the house close to the center where J.W. Goethe was born.
Finally we arrived in the main square of Frankfurt – Römerberg. In contrast to the financial district there are the historical several story buildings. Because it was Saturday, there were a lot of people on the streets and all shops, cafes and beer gardens were open.


On the main square we saw ornate, half-timbered houses and pointed roofs. Although Römerberg was destroyed in WWII, it has been carefully reconstructed to show how beautiful it was during medieval times.
Back to the present:
The second day was dedicated to the Motor show. We used the public transport again in order to avoid the blocked streets and problems with parking.
We got to the exhibition center. First pavilion we saw was Mercedes. We passed several models and we arrived in the auditorium.
We did not know what to expect and we waited. Then began the stunning show. The huge projection, new Mercedes models, great music – amazing experience. The biggest show I have ever seen. That was also the introduction the S-coupe model, I think, the most beautiful car now.


The other exhibits were great but they were not able to overcome the Mercedes. We saw the new Opel Insignia (my current car), the BMW exhibition, VW building with Bugatti Veyron and the exhibitions of other European carmakers but the dominant impression remained from Mercedes show.

Frankfurt Bugatti Veyron

After Motorshow we once again walked the center to see the river Main. Overall impression of Frankfurt is quite good but not amazing. Impressive contrast of the modern architecture with the medieval city center, great cityscape, but empty streets on Sunday and many building under construction. Unlike the smaller towns especially in the eastern Germany, which look in better condition at least when viewed from outside.

Frankfurt, Romerberg
Where we stayed: Hotel Amadeus, nothing amazing, but standard German level. Located in the outskirts of the city close to shopping center. The station of public transport was a short walk away, we had free parking and well equipped rooms.
  review: 3 stars