Trip dates: July 28-29, 2013

We spent a wonderful week in Tuscany and we decided to make a two-day stopover in the Alps.
I booked a guesthouse high up in the Alps, in the small village Berwang in Austria, close to the German border.
I use the site when I look for accommodations. This server has a wide range of possibilities how for finding the right location. You can also see reviews written by guests.

Berwang, hotel Amman

And I found a guesthouse which was assessed as exceptional, rating more than 90% and it looks ... "typical tyrol" ... wooden houses, flowers on windows, amazing surroundings.
During our way from Italy was extremely hot weather - more than 40 degrees Celsius. The air conditioning in the car worked at full blast and we looked forward to the mountains. We supposed the temperature should be significantly lower. The questhouse is at an altitude more than 1600 meters. We climbed along the Alpine roads but the temperature did not decline. When we arrived in the Alps around seven in the evening, the thermometer in car still showed more than 30 degrees.
After check-in we went through the village. It was beautiful; almost all houses look alike, wooden, with flowers, with perfectly landscaped gardens, in perfect condition and a bit old-school decorated. The contrast with Italy is absolute.


The booking rating was right. The guesthouse was wonderful. We had a very friendly owner, well equipped rooms and amazing surroundings.
We planned our visit of Garmisch Partenkirchen for the next day with two main destinations: Olympic area and Partnach Gorge (Partnachklamm).
The weather next day had changed completely, 15 degrees less. It was foggy and we expected the rain. Despite that fact we set off early morning to the famous mountain resorts. Garmisch Partenkirchen lies in Germany just under Zugspitze, the highest German mountain. (As for Zugspitze: it is a very interesting destination which is worth a separate trip and article).  It is 35 km away from Berwang. We arrived in the morning and parked close to the Olympic Ski Jump. This area was built for Olympic Games in 1936.

olympia areal Garmish Partenkirchen

Partnach gorge

Due to uncertain weather, we first went to the Partnach Gorge. This is the mountain stream that runs through in a deep gorge. This amazing nature scenery is within walking distance of the Olympic area. Before the entering, we saw tables with old pictures of men who gathered wood through this gorge. It must have been extremely dangerous and right after that, we found another table with names of victims.


After paying a small admission fee, we entered impressive scenery with a strong stream from the mountain river Partnach and narrow walkways under huge rocks. Everything was surrounded by loud noise. When we saw this scenery, we could not understand how somebody could use this for moving wood. We really appreciated fixed railings on these narrow trails. We had a lot of opportunities to take a photo, but it is recommended to use a water proof camera due to splashing water.

Partnach gorge

After exiting the gorge, we climbed a hill and had nice journey back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the Alpine landscape. We arrived back to the Olympic Ski Jump area. It was early afternoon; we were hungry and decided to try the restaurant in the area. Typisch Bayerische. The highlight of the day was without any doubt the dumpling soup with one big "Knödel" - see the picture.

Bayern knodel

After lunch, we went to explore the area. The lower part looks original from the thirties, but the ski-jumps are quite new.
We climbed to the lookout and found out the reason. The original ski-jumps were destroyed during a big storm in 2007.



The new jumps were built the same year, and they became a new landmark of Ga-Pa. We climbed to the observation desk and enjoyed a great view over Ga-Pa.
In the afternoon it started raining, so we decided to go for only a short walk around the Partenkirchen centre. Garmisch Partenkirchen consists of from two small towns that have names, surprisingly, Garmisch and Partenkirchen. That means that they have two centres.


We saw the centre of Partenkirchen and admired the beautiful streets with small historical houses. Almost all houses have typical south Germany style - lots of wood, decorations and paintings on the walls. Above the houses you can enjoy the great scenery of the Alps.
But only when it does not rain.

Where we stayed: Hotel Haus Amman, wonderful hotel, very friendly owner, well equipped rooms and amazing surroundings.

Review: ***