Trip date: June 30., 2015
In the summer of 2015, we spent our holiday in the north. Our son had a softball camp in Denmark that year, so we gave him a lift and combined it with our holiday. We visited the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, and stayed two nights at a hotel in Kolding in the western part of Denmark. We stayed in Denmark only as long as necessary, and as usual for me, I planned most of our holiday in Germany :).


The impression of Denmark was good but nothing special. A few interesting landmarks in Copenhagen: National Aquarium Denmark, Castles Rosenborg and Amalienborg, Nyhavn Street and the opera house.
But we had a problem with parking. Walks were not very pleasant due to the huge number of cyclists. It seems to me that German cities are in a bit better condition and a little more friendly to walkers and tourists. However, the Aquarium and Nyhavn are sights worth visiting.
We set off in the morning from the hotel in Kolding in Denmark, and in one hour we arrived at the border. We had not planned this stopover but thanks to the fact that the weather was perfectly ideal for trips, and because we noticed the pointers to this castle, which I have remembered from the guides, we decided to drive there.
Glucksburg is small town in the north of Germany. The main landmark is the romantic castle in the middle of the lake.


Directly from the parking lot we could see the great scenery of the castle on the lake and beautifully landscaped surroundings. We bought a castle tour and learned about the history of the place and the family which owned it. We were not allowed to take photos inside, so I photographed only the introduction to the castle in the old historical reception hall, where we could see the movie about castle on plasma TV.

DSC04114 WP_20150630_005

In addition to the standard exposition, we saw an offer for organizing children's birthday parties in the castle. It seemed to us like a great idea. A little better than the celebrations at McDonald's :)
We spent a pleasant afternoon in Glucksburg. This castle is not as unique and outstanding as Neuschwanstein or Hohenzollern castle, but if you are in Schleswig-Holstein and if you like these photos, you should come here.

P.S. The posts about mentioned castles will follow soon in this blog.