This destination is something special. Nothing for lovers of romance, nothing for those who admire historical sights.
This is a truly industrial experience. Ferropolis close to Gräfenheinichen is the place where there was the coal mine for about 40 years (Link to map). The place of environmental disaster and a place where thousands of people worked.

Gräfenheinichen Ferropolis

A colleague, who is a musician in a club band, recommended this place to me.
After 1990, a living museum with perfect scenery for concerts, festivals and events was established on the site of the former mines. 
When there is no music or events, you can buy a ticket and visit it.

Gräfenheinichen Ferropolis

It is a peninsula in the middle of the artificial Lake Gremmin where the coal mine used to be. And you can find there several giants:
Five disused bucket wheel excavators and continuous bucket dredgers as well as stackers, each up to 130 meters long and 30 meters high, are located on a peninsula in the lake, in a whole 7000 tons of industrial history.
It is spectacular. Awesome old machines that command respect.

Gräfenheinichen Ferropolis

We visited this place as a stopover on our way from northern Germany. It is located in Saxony Anhalt about 15 km from Dessau-Rosslau.
The indicators you can see from the exit from highway No.9, and then it is only few kilometers away. We came there and paid friendly fee - 14 Euro for four men. We were on way back from a football match in Hannover. I really do not recommend to go here on trip with a girl:). 


Then you can enter. The first impression is really spectacular. You can see the awesome machines in the middle of the lake. Some of the machine have trails. We could explore the excavators not only from outside, but also you can browse inside. You can also enjoy the great view around the lake with a lot of birds and peaceful nature.



In addition, you can visit a small museum which documents the history of coal mining in the area.
FERROPOLIS is a living museum abuzz with great scenery for concerts and events. In the middle of the peninsula is located the stage for the concerts or other events. Close to this area is the town Dessau that is known as the centre of the Bauhaus art school in Germany, with the famous modern building. That will be the goal of one of our next trips.
I see Ferropolis as a great way to deal with industrial history. I can recommend this destination for a few hours stopover on a long drive.


Link to map