Trip date: July 4., 2014
Everyone knows Neuschwanstein. But there are more notable buildings of King Ludwig II in the Bavarian Alps. One of them is Linderhof. Linderhof is almost the opposite of Neuschwanstein. Neuschwanstein looks like a medieval castle with fortification, built on the hill for defensive reasons. Unlike Neuschwanstein, Linderhof is a low two-story building, built in a valley, surrounded by wonderful extensive gardens. It looks like a typical aristocratic residence. Both castles are about 50 km distant from each other (when you go through Austria or 60 km when you want to stay in Germany).

garden Linderhof

The number of visitors to Linderhof is significantly lower than Neuschwanstein. There are no queues at box offices, and everything is somehow calmer. There is a small decorated palace, amazing gardens with huge numbers of statues, fountains and several small buildings. And there is also something special, something that you do not want to miss: the artificial cave as a music hall. And as you might guess - it was designed to perform works of Richard Wagner. This landmark is almost hidden, and I think it is the most interesting part of this castle.
That was not our first visit to the Bavarian Alps. We had already seen Neuschwanstein. And then we realized that here is much more to see: many lakes, Linderhof, the mountain Zugspitze, the Ettal Monastery and the small town Oberammergau. We booked the same guesthouse again: Haus Amman in the village Berwang, with fabulous scenery of theTyrolean Alps. We got the same room with a great view of the mountains and the village. We were looking forward to staying at that house, and we enjoyed the great atmosphere of this place.

After the first night there, we set off in the morning to travel to Linderhof along the winding mountain road. We made a few stops at Alpine lakes. After arrival, we bought the tickets and started looking for the castle. As I already mentioned, this castle is located in the valley of the small river Linder and does not protrude into the mountains. It is a big contrast to Neuschwanstein.
Finally we found the building:) It sufficed to follow signposts. What first captivated us was not the building but the gardens. It is clear, that an architect took his inspiration from the Versailles gardens. Only the area is not as large. While waiting for entrance, we were enjoying the splendid view and looking forward to visiting the palace. In a short while we could go inside.

We saw the same interior style as in Neuschwanstein and we had the same feeling. Very ornamental, a lot of gold, and quite dark. But much smaller. Again, it is also forbidden to take photos inside. This is the reason why I have only one interior photo. The tour inside was not long, but interesting. Linderhof was finished in 1878. It is the only palace that Ludwig II completed and where he actually lived.
After the tour, we moved on to the gardens. They surround the palace from all sides and exploited the landscape to present the best possible view for the king. At the same time, they allow for wonderful strolls.
And there is something special in the gardens. In the northern part is an inconspicuous entrance to an artificial cave.
It is a special must-see landmark itself. When you enter in, you go along a corridor and arrive at the large underground music hall with an artificial lake, with special light effects. It is the place where King Ludwig II enjoyed the music of Richard Wagner. There is a sculpture of a boat, a fresco, artificial stalactites: everything that you need to have a perfect impression. It is bizarre, magnificent and original.


When we came out, we went through the rest of gardens. They are interesting themselves. There are a lot of great views of the Alps; you can admire many original small buildings and statues. We spent a few hours there, and I must say at the end we were full of experiences. I can recommend Linderhof as well as Neuschwanstein.

Link to maps: Linderhof, Haus Amman in Berwang