Trip dates: October 27-28, 2013

This is so far probably our best trip to Germany. My son (12 years at that time) and I decided to see Concorde, the most beautiful aircraft ever. I had heard about museum that has this plane. I like this machine, I admired it even as a child.
I found the website ( and I could see the Concord and lots of other amazing exhibits - among other things, the brother of Concord - Russian plane TU 144. In addition, I found out that there is another great destination – Speyer – small historical town with the similar technical museum. It is in a short distance from Sinsheim

Sinsheim, concord

I prepared everything, found a hotel in Speyer, and we decided to go during the autumn holiday for two days. The journey took about five hours. When we arrived to Sinsheim we had seen the Concorde airplane already from highway A6.
We were looking forward to it a lot (especially me) but the impression overcome the expectation. The walking inside Concorde and TU 144, the incredible amount of amazing exhibits: huge amount of American dream cars or a great deal of military technic.

Sinsheim, dream cars

Sinsheim, Lamborghini Countach

We saw awesome race cars, my favorite “square” cars from seventies, the fastest car in the world, which is capable of driving more than 1000 km per hour and many others. This is definitely exhibition that all men must see.

Sinsheim blue flame

The organisation was great. Those who prepared the exhibition knew that after several hours are people tired, and therefore they offer you relaxion in IMAX 3D cinema – a perfect end to the day.
Speyer In the evening we had moved to Speyer, found the hotel and we walked around the town.
Speyer cathedral
The most interesting sight is the Romanesque cathedral (reportedly the largest Romanesque cathedral in Europe). It is interesting especially for Czechs. That was the place of the wedding of Czech princess Elisabeth and King Jan Luxemburg in 14th Century. That was beginning of the heyday of Czech history. The next day we continued to the second museum - in Speyer. In Exhibit No. 1 there is the Russian space shuttle Buran. We were able to look inside and see it up close. Another must-see thing is submarine U9. We were allowed to go inside, and we saw incredible cramped space for the entire crew. In addition you can see a lot of planes, lunar module or many motorcycles. A bonus for us was the exhibition of Star Wars figures.

Speyer, submarine U9

Speyer, Buran

The journeys is not so demanding; it is about 5 hours from Prague down to highway. Two days is optimal for these museums. I highly recommended to everyone, especially petrol heads. That was one of our first visits to Germany, and it was quite surprised how smoothly everything went. This is the experience we always encounter in Germany. We did not come across anything surprising or unexpected. If we booked hotel for 60 E, we paid 60 E. All staff is always ready, helpful, willing to communicate in English. And you, the customer, are the first priority. They will help us with parking and advise you which option is the best for you. That is the experience we encounter every time in Germany.
One example: when we visited Copenhagen, we got a fine approximately 100 E for delaying in Park house for 20 min (we had paid 5 hours). The next day we were parking in Hamburg. The parking valet stopped us to explain what the best option for us was: he had recommended us to pay for whole day ticket instead of parking per hour.

Speyer technic museum

Where we stayed: Hotel La Grotta in Speyer, quite cheap hotel within the walking distance of the city center including the cathedral.  Standard service for good price. We had to park on the other street, no problem at all.

Review: 5 stars