Trip dates: October 18. - 19., 2014

After our successful trip to Nuremberg for football, we immediately started to consider what will be the next destination. Stuttgart was a natural choice: Less than 5 hours from Prague, a great stadium for more than 60000 people, and there are two great technical museums of two great car manufactures - Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.
Stuttgart is one of the richest cities in Germany with an old history, a strong industry and interesting culture. This time we were interested in sports and cars. But because the city is expensive, I was almost unable to find an accommodation for a reasonable price. Thanks to, I finally found a hotel on the outskirts for 80 Euro. It looked good from outside and the assessment was not bad.
I bought the tickets in advance and was quite surprised when I got them on real paper via post in a few days - pretty conservative. Everything was prepared, all guys - I, my son, my brother and his son – were ready.


But a few days before departure, my brother called: "We have a problem – my son is injured, he can walk only with crutches". We considered different possibilities, to cancel this trip, to take my wife instead of my brother, or to deal with the handicap. But I strongly doubted, that the guards would let somebody in with crutches, when nobody can enter even with plastic bottles. Finally, his condition had improved so that we were able to set off. He was using crutches everywhere except the stadium.
We were lucky that when we started at the end of the October, it was nice weather.
During the way from Prague, we made a stop in Ludwigsburg, a town close to Stuttgart, which is known by its residential palace (see the link below). As usual in Germany, we came across some festival. Plenty of people on the streets, almost impossible to find a place to park, stalls on every corner.
We went for lunch to McDonald’s, being aware that is necessary to correctly pronounce McWrap (see the Nuremberg post :).
When we were going through the city center, I passed my first interview in English - some men stopped me on the street, and asked me about my opinions on car audio. (at least I hope:)


After a short tour of the town, we continued to the stadium in Stuttgart. Despite the fact that it was Saturday, the traffic was intense and we appreciated that we had enough time reserved before the match.
We arrived 1 hour before kick-off. We found ourselves in a large sports area between the river Neckar and railway station. There were two big stadiums - Mercedes-Benz Arena and Neckar Park with open Porsche Arena and Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle.
VfB Stuttgart plays its matches in the bigger one - Mercedes- Benz Arena. The average attendance at the matches is higher than 50000 people. When you take into account that Stuttgart always plays on rescue, it is truly impressive. For comparison: there are only three teams from the top of the Premier League in England that have higher visitor rates.

VfB Stuttgart stadium Mercedes- Benz Arena

We left my nephew’s crutches in our car and stumbled toward the stadium.
We were extremely lucky by choosing this match - Stuttgart played with Leverkusen, the team which was on the top of Bundesliga table.
At first half-time, it did not look very lucky for the home team VfB Stuttgart. During 10 minutes they got two goals and at the end of the half it was 0:3. All goals fell into the net directly below us.

VfB STuttgart Mercedes- Benz Arena

Home fans were frustrated, but the tide turned and the game changed completely. After 15 min of the second half, Stuttgart scored its first goal and the fans came alive. After the second goal in the net of Leverkusen, we found ourselves in the middle of the cauldron of enthusiastic home fans.
And the support was successful. Stuttgart scored a further goal, and this fantastic match with an awesome atmosphere ended in a draw 3:3.

VfB Stuttgart Mercedes- Benz Arena

All goals were in the net below us. Absolutely amazing! We enjoyed a thrilling atmosphere even after the match, when crowds of fans sang the choral. This is the reason why men visit football - great experience.
Then we set off from stadium driving to the hotel. The Hotel looked exactly like the photos in There was one small detail: it is on big crossroads of more main streets. Nothing for romantic trips, but nothing that would bother us.
One funny story. We were accommodated in two room: I with Ota and my brother with his son. Because of very warm weather, we decided to get one beer at the bier-garden in the front of our hotel. Before I left the room, Ota asked me: Can I have the candies? Both? I agreed. In a while he told me: the second one tastes very strange, I do not want it. I did not pay much attention. And then, in the bier-garden, my brother asked me: "Did you also have earplugs in your room?" ... and the strange taste was explained.
We enjoyed the beer, the hotel was ok.<br />hotel neuwirthaus stuttgart

On Sunday morning we decided to visit the Porsche Museum, which was within walking distance from the hotel. My brother and nephew stayed in the hotel due to the injury. We walked about 20 minutes to the museum building. We passed the Porsche factory and then approached the modern outstanding building of the museum. We were among the first visitors in the morning and we enjoyed the great exhibition for only few Euros (8 + 4).

st-porsche-building porsche museum stuttgart

porsche museum stuttgart

porsche museum

We saw historical cars, some prototypes, race cars and even a diesel tractor Porsche. The exhibition covers all periods of Porsche production. We also learned more about the story of Ferdinand Porsche. I would like to say that this is one of the successful car-producer museums like Audi in Ingolstadt. It is in direct contrast to Ferrari in Modena, Volkswagen in Wolfsburg or Škoda in Mladá Boleslav in Czech Republic. These projects have a quite poor exhibition; the architecture of their buildings is more interesting and important than the exhibition itself.
This museum is a different case. It is great and we can recommend it.
After the tour we came back to the hotel, took the rest of the crew and set off to another petrolhead destination: Mercedes-Benz Museum. It is located close to the football stadium across the city.

Mercedes benz museum stuttgart

We were welcomed by a building with a modern, original, and outstanding architecture. It is quite larger than Porsche. We had heard a lot about it and therefore we looked forward to seeing it.
Just the entrance hall is overwhelming - there are elevators like in sci-fi. We felt like we were in the next century.

Mercedes Benz museum stuttgart
We bought the tickets for 8 Euro for adults, the boys had their 15th birthdays one month later and therefore they had free entry.
Mercedes is one of my most favorite brands, and inside was everything that we expected. Cars from all periods, luxury cabriolets from fifties, awesome limousines from seventies, presidential cars and much more. There even is one of the most beautiful cars ever - Mercedes C111 - that was not a standard serial car; it is only a prototype, but beautiful. I had a remote controlled model, when I was a child.
There are four floors of exhibitions that lead you through the whole history of Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, there are some additional exhibitions with short stories, portraits of interesting people or interesting numbers. For example, I read there that in 1970 there were about 19 000 people who died on German roads. Thirty years later it had been reduced by two thirds, despite the doubling traffic volume. All this, thanks to better roads, safer cars and good knowledge of first aid.
We really enjoyed the visit and I ranked Stuttgart car-museums among the must-see sights.

Mercedes benz museum stuttgart

Mercedes benz museum stuttgart c111

Mercedes benz museum stuttgart

During our way home we made a stopover in the small town Aalen. We found out that there, walls of the Roman's fortification had been excavated. It looks like a good tip for the next trip. That Sunday we had only a small stroll through the town, got a coffee and went on to Prague.
All crew were excited by this trip - six goals during the match and two amazing museums. It was superb and surely a next trip will follow.

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