Trip date: July 26., 2014
Hohenzollern is one the most impressive castles that we saw. The castle is located in Baden-Wurtemberg about 60 km south of Stuttgart.
It is the ancestral seat of Hohenzollern and a very popular tourist destination. Hundreds thousands of people visit it every year. No wonder, it is on magnificent  place in the foothills of the Swabian Alps. The location promised an awesome view of the surroundings. Read More...


Trip date: July 26., 2014 - August 2., 2014
Until 2014 we did many short trips to Germany, but the first long holiday we made in the summer of 2014 was Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Schwarzwald is mountain range in the Southwest part of Germany in the state Baden Württemberg. It is not as high as the Alps but all tourist materials promised amazing scenes of nature and a huge number of landmarks.
We chose a location in the middle of the mountains in the town Todtmoos. It was a starting point for our trips around the entire Schwarzwald. It is a nice small town surrounded by a stunning nature. Read More...