Trip date: July 26., 2014 - August 2., 2014
Until 2014 we did many short trips to Germany, but the first long holiday we made in the summer of 2014 was Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Schwarzwald is mountain range in the Southwest part of Germany in the state Baden Württemberg. It is not as high as the Alps but all tourist materials promised amazing scenes of nature and a huge number of landmarks.
We chose a location in the middle of the mountains in the town Todtmoos. It was a starting point for our trips around the entire Schwarzwald. It is a nice small town surrounded by a stunning nature.
The town is at a distance of 700 km from Prague. Therefore we had planned to divide the route into two parts. First we arrived at Hohenzollern Castle, where we had a stop for a few hours. This castle is one of the most interesting and most notable castles in Germany, and I am going to write about it in the next post.


When we came to Todtmoos in the evening, we experienced something very usual in Germany - a local festivity. We had to stop our car on the outskirts of the town and set off to search for our guest house. We walked through the crowds of people among lots of refreshment stands and souvenirs. That was great and pleasant but some things look kind of weird. Look at the picture of the fish in the bun. This kind of meal we saw again the next year in north Germany. I would say we prefer different type of cuisine :) French, Italian or Hungarian.


On the end of the main street, we found our guest house Gästehaus Roseneck. Once I found a detour, we arrived with the car and could check-in. We had a nice resort in mountains. There was nothing surprising: a lovely apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a balcony. We could have a dinner outside on the balcony with a stunning mountain view. Exactly as in photos on


As I already mentioned, Todtmoos became our starting point to other locations in this part of Germany. We made several trips to different destinations:
to Mulhouse (the great auto museum) and Colmar (the beautiful picturesque town) in Alsace, France,
to the Triberg Waterfalls,
to the towns Bad Säckingen and Laufenberg on the Rhine,
to cities Constanz and Freiburg
to the Rhine Falls in the Switzerland.
I am going to write about all these trips in the next posts.
We also spent several days in Todtmoos.


One day we took a hike to the source of the river Wehra. That was a few hours walking directly from Todtmoos through a beautiful valley with gorgeous views around the mountains. When we finally found the source, the son was a bit disappointed: " … and this is all?" He apparently expected something more spectacular :) We made up for this trip to the Rhine Waterfalls that were really extraordinary and remarkable. This was only a pleasant hike in beautiful nature.


We made also another hiking trip from Todtmoos this time to the mountain Hochkopf. It is a 1263 m high mountain of Schwarzwald. On the peak is a wooden lookout tower. There we could enjoy a great panorama of the mountains including the highest mountain of Schwartwald "Feldberg". We also could see Todtmoos from the almost aerial view. Thanks to good weather we really enjoyed both these trips.



Todtmoos itself is a nice small town without remarkable landmarks. We visited the church and went through the main street with cafes and restaurants. We took a few photos of lovely small houses in the outskirts. And directly in the front of our house was a café with great coffee and amazing cakes. Highly recommended.
Despite the changeable weather, we enjoyed a great week in the mountains. During the next weeks I will post contributions about our other destinations in that area.

Where we stayed: Guest house Gästehaus Roseneck, a pleasant place in the middle of the town
Todtmoos on a map