Trip date: July 2-4, 2015
We spent our family holiday in summer of 2015 by taking trips around the north of Germany.
When I was planning this holiday, I realized that we have a special wedding anniversary and I got an idea: instead of standard hotel I could book something special. 
I am an experienced user of As a rule I try to find something good and cheap. For this time I made a change.
In addition, I came across a site with a list of German castle hotels (see below). Germany has a long rich history; there are a lot of historical castles. A good deal of them are hotels now, as I found out.


I got intrigued by Hotel Wedendorf in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It looked very authentic on the photos: a splendid palatial building and impressive setting along the lake. The reviews on the server said that the building and the amenities are a dream, the location is excellent, with good service and nice stuff, etc.
Price was of course a bit higher but not extremely - about 120 Euro/night. In April I booked a room for several days and I looked forward to a celebration of our wedding anniversary:)
In July, we were enjoying a wonderful holiday in North Germany at the North Sea (I am going to write about that in one of the next posts). We arrived at Wedendorf on Thursday July 2nd in the evening. The first impression looked a little odd. We came to the stately round path in front of a beautiful castle with nicely landscaped surroundings, and nobody was there. No people, no cars in the parking lot. We parked and went to the entry.


But at that moment, the main door of the castle opened and a very friendly landlord started greeting us. It was a very warm welcome. Apparently, we were the first guests that day. Thanks to this, we could choose a room. Finally, we got a large room with a great view of the garden. The bathroom itself was larger than many other hotel rooms. The apartment was equipped with stylish furniture. All floors, windows and doors were made of wood and the walls were stucco. Everything in good condition - exactly like in the pictures.

Castle Wedendorf
Another great experience was breakfast in the stunning interior of the castle. The landlord then showed us the historical rooms and told us about the history of this beautiful place.
The castle is located in a small town in North Germany. It is in the middle of the road between Lübeck and Schwerin (both cities are about 30 km away and both will be topics for my future posts). Close to Wedendorf is the small town Rehna with the Cloister of the same name. Nothing stunning but a good tip for a short trip. It is necessary to remind you that you need a car for visiting Wedendorf. Rehna is the only sight that is accessible on foot (about one hour walk from Wedendorf). But with a car you can visit Lübeck, Schwerin, Wiesmar, Rostock or Travemünde.
There was one amusing story. The landlord was from Poland. He speaks German very well and English quite well. Our communication was as follows:
- I spoke English to him
- He spoke German to me (as a practice)
- He spoke Polish to my wife (because she is from Ostrava and she understands Polish well)
- My wife and my son spoke Czech to him (because he understands it quite well) :)
When I looked at, It is no longer possible to book this hotel via this server, but you can book it directly via phone.
I can recommend this location when you are looking for something special, something extra. It is an elegant country house hotel with outstanding amenities.
It’s the kind of place where you stroll about the countryside. It is also a good starting point for trips to destinations along Baltic Sea: Schwerin or Hamburg.

Castle Wedendorf


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